About: All our diamonds are ethically sourced directly from the producers, eliminating middle-men and keeping our prices low. Our diamond jewelry is made-to-order and each piece is reviewed by a certified gemologist to ensure it meets our standards.

Care: Treat them like royalty. They can break and chip like any other stone and need to be kept away from chemicals and harsh materials that can impact their shine and luster.



About: We source clean, high quality, gemstones for our jewelry. Since our designs are made for every day wear, we generally use semi-precious gemstones in order to keep all our designs affordable. Common stones used in our jewelry would be Garnet, Labradorite, Quartz, Onyx, Cubic Zirconia, Amethyst, Citrine, Cultured Pearls, and Turquoise among others.

Care: Our natural mineral gemstones are the creation of nature and vary in their care needs. In general, these gemstones should be kept away from chemicals, soaps, creams, perfumes, and other such substances. Pearls and Turquoise are two stones that tend to be porous and you should not use a silver polish cloth on these stones if you ever need to clean your silver jewelry that is ordained with these beautiful stones.


Gold Vermeil

About: All our gold vermeil (a.k.a gold plated) products use high quality .925 sterling silver as the base. We use high-end 22 carat gold plating on our jewelry in order to create a thick and strong layer of gold that is superior to anything you can find in the market.

Care: Gold vermeil products generally should be kept away from sweat, water, soaps, creams, perfumes and other chemicals. Taking off the jewelry before going to the gym, or in a shower is ideal. If you get any chemical substance like a cream or perfume on the jewelry, rinsing gently under warm water limit it’s impact.



Sterling Silver

About: All our silver jewelry is made with .925 sterling silver. That means it’s 92.5% pure silver. This is industry standard and it does not get better than this. To improve our quality further, we treat our sterling silver jewelry with Rhodium, a rare metal, which increases the shine and durability of our products.

Care: Sterling silver oxidizes over time, especially when it comes in contact with water. To retain the shinny and polished look, polish your sterling silver jewelry with a silver polish cloth. We send one for free with each relevant purchase. Note: Do not use the polish cloth on other metals or pours gemstones such as pearls or turquoise. This will likely spoil the stone. You can always purchase extra silver polish cloths, if needed.